Chinese Super League in FIFA 19?

In the last few years more and more pretty good player (mostly Brazilians)  like Hulk, Oscar or Pato went to China to play for several different teams. Since the fact the CSL (Chinese Super League) is not licensed in FIFA 18 and the previous versions it also means such player are not existing in the game. 

This could change now, because EA is starting to cooperate with the CSL. In FIFA Online there are 4 CSL teams and will be added soon. Maybe this is a first step for EA to implement the Chinese Super League also in FIFA 19? It wouldn’t be bad either for the CSL and also not for gamer all around the world.

fifa 19 csl

What is FIFA Online?

Since gamer in Korea and China are primarily playing on the PC they got a own FIFA version called FIFA Online. For example in China gaming consoles like the Xbox One or PlayStation were banned until a few years. Therefore you won’t find many console gamer in this country. FIFA Online is not releasing every single year, but it made to keep getting updated. The latest version is FIFA Online 3, which is running with an older gameplay engine, but which is running constantly good. Gamer can level their player, get new ones and of course they can also compete in big tournaments.

Will we see the CSL in FIFA 19?

It would be great and its very likely Electronic Arts will make more and more deals with leagues and tournaments. So far it is kinda surprising the Chinese Super League isn’t involve in a previous FIFA game. Recently they got the license for the UEFA Champions League and they won’t stop there. Right now they are offering the FIFA World Cup Update for FIFA 18, which they also got the license for. The side effect of the CSL in FIFA 19 would also be more player for FUT 19 and of course some player you might already miss. 

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