Why Coins and Points will be more important than ever!

In around three months most of us will proudly hold FIFA 19 in our hands. With the new version comes a new Ultimate Team. In this article we are going to explain why coins and points will be more important than ever on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

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New game, new chances, new teams

There is one very good thing about FUT being released with a new engine and several other gameplay changes every year: It starts by zero. This means not only the Ultimate Team, your player and all your coins are gone, but also the gameplay will have some magnificent changes. Remember when FUT 18 was released? The goalkeeper and defender were a mess. The big eSports pros couldn’t believe it. Suddenly they lost against random people, because 5 shots on the goal were 4 actual goals. 

More pressure and more competition

Pressure not only for those who successfully played FIFA 18 UT and the previous versions. Pressure also for the new gamer of FUT 19. The primary goal is to have the best team in the shortest time. Hundreds or maybe thousands of dollar will be spent for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team just within the first few days. Everyone wants to have great player as soon as possible, so they can be competitive as soon as possible. This brings a lot of pressure to every single player. I mean those players who are actually seeking for winning the Weekend League and other online tournaments. As you already know FUT 19 is a pay2win game. If you have super good player your chance of winning matches will also be extremely high. 

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Do you really need to spend lots of money for this game again?

Yeah, Ultimate Team can be really fun, but it can also be very frustrating. If you don’t have enough money to buy FIFA 19 Points you will have a very hard time. Getting coins and points just by trading and playing matches can be really time consuming and so on, but there is a way out of this problem. Like in the previous years there are tools like the FIFA 19 hack, which is actually working pretty well. Tools such as the FIFA 19 coin generator are often used by professionals as well. How do you think everyone got their FUT icons? They would have spent over thousand dollar just to get one single FUT icon, but some player had several of them including Rio Ferdinand, Gullit and Ronaldo. Your first choice should be to look for the FIFA 19 coins hack if you start playing the new version of the game.

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