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Strong player are the most important in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. With them you will have it much easier to win matches, especially in the Weekend League, which can be really mentally exhausting.

Lets find some ways on how to get the best player on FUT 19 such as Icons for free in your team without spending any money. Like in the last few years there are many online magazines and news popping up talking about a FIFA 19 coin generator, but how do they actually work and is it really so easy to get free coins and points?

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First step is to get free FIFA 19 coins

If you really want to become a better gamer you will need free FIFA 19 coins on your account. Yes, I am only talking about coins, because points are not really meaningful. With them you can only open goldsets and use them on FUT draft, but you have basically no choice to buy a player on the transfer market using the points. So you better forget about the points and start concentrating about the coins. Getting them for free should be your first step. The FIFA 19 coins hack should be your first choice. However, there are still many people and naysayer saying the FIFA 19 coins hack is a fake or not working. Some even say the FIFA 19 coin generator is a scam and they will use it to steal your coins and points. This is fake news. I am sure no one of them ever tried to use the FIFA 19 coins hack, because then they would know it is working perfectly on every console, PC and smartphone.

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Best solution for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC

It doesn’t matter on what gaming console you are playing, because the FIFA 19 coin generator can help you to get items on every single platform. What you need to do is enter your username, how many items you want and on what platform you are playing. After that you just press the “Generate” button below. Within a few minutes you will then earn all the items on your account. Next step is to head over to the transfer market and to buy any player you want including FUT icons. 

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