Chinese Super League in FIFA 19?

In the last few years more and more pretty good player (mostly Brazilians)  like Hulk, Oscar or Pato went to China to play for several different teams. Since the fact the CSL (Chinese Super League) is not licensed in FIFA 18 and the previous versions it also means such player are not existing in the game. 

This could change now, because EA is starting to cooperate with the CSL. In FIFA Online there are 4 CSL teams and will be added soon. Maybe this is a first step for EA to implement the Chinese Super League also in FIFA 19? It wouldn’t be bad either for the CSL and also not for gamer all around the world.

fifa 19 csl

What is FIFA Online?

Since gamer in Korea and China are primarily playing on the PC they got a own FIFA version called FIFA Online. For example in China gaming consoles like the Xbox One or PlayStation were banned until a few years. Therefore you won’t find many console gamer in this country. FIFA Online is not releasing every single year, but it made to keep getting updated. The latest version is FIFA Online 3, which is running with an older gameplay engine, but which is running constantly good. Gamer can level their player, get new ones and of course they can also compete in big tournaments.

Will we see the CSL in FIFA 19?

It would be great and its very likely Electronic Arts will make more and more deals with leagues and tournaments. So far it is kinda surprising the Chinese Super League isn’t involve in a previous FIFA game. Recently they got the license for the UEFA Champions League and they won’t stop there. Right now they are offering the FIFA World Cup Update for FIFA 18, which they also got the license for. The side effect of the CSL in FIFA 19 would also be more player for FUT 19 and of course some player you might already miss. 

Here do you find the best 5 defender for FUT 19

What Team To Build in FIFA 19 UT?

Every year the same: You have to start all over again. Your team built in FUT 18 is gone. Every year gamer all over the world are asking themselves the same old question: What team should I build? 

Basically fans of FUT are preferring the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga. We are going to compare them for you. fifa 19 ut

Which league should I focus on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team?

First of all we would say you should wait until 31th August to make your decision, because on this day the transfer period will end. Some transfers can make a whole league become more popular or unpopular. Lets take the Aubameyang transfer for example. Really fast striker played in the Bundesliga. He was a great choice when it comes to building a Bundesliga team, but after he is gone what alternative in fast striker you got? Only Lewandowski (which is not quite fast) and Werner (only pace). If a league simply doesn’t have that much choices it is a better idea not even to start with it.

Premier League:

Maybe the best choice when it comes to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, because every position has lots of great player. Great striker, fast and skillful winger, awesome defender , strong midfielders and also creative midfielders player and of course they got a good choice of decent goal keeper. In almost every team you will find strong player, but of course you should check the Top 5 teams. There are some real gems in there, which are cheap but actually pretty good. It is by far the best option to start your Ultimate Team on FIFA 19.

Serie A: 

Many gamer always underestimate the Serie A, but they really good some great players in there. The best part is: Mostly they are cheap compared to the Premier League or La Liga. You still can build a great and strong team just within a few thousand coins. With AS Roma, Lazio Roma, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Napoli and of course Juventus Turin they have some teams with great player. It is by far one of the most efficient way to start out. 

fifa 19 salah


Expect a huge choice of strong goalkeeper, decent defenders and some skillful midfielders. Unfortunately the best players of the league are mainly playing for Bayern Munich. The price of them is quite high. However, you will also find some good players in teams like RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund oder Bayer Leverkusen. We would recommend to start out with a Serie A team or Premier League team first tho.

La Liga.

They got the best players in the world in there, but there are only three teams you want to form a team of: Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. The other teams are only average and don’t have many key player. Over the last few years also the La Liga lost lots of quality. Players like Neymar or Iniesta are gone and players like Messi or Ronaldo are getting older. For fans of the La Liga it is a great thing to have a huge choice of extremely good midfielders like Kroos or Modric, also it got one of the best attacks in the game. However, you can’t really find really good goal keeper. Only Oblak, Ter Stegen and Navas are a choice. Beside that they don’t really have strong tall and strong player, means Premier League teams will have an advantage over you. 

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5 Defender You Should Have on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Defending was not only hard on FIFA 18, but might be even harder on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. Expect glitches and other bugs like the kick-off glitch to exist right from the release of game. 

To be well prepared we at the start of the new season we made a summary of the best defenders on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. Keep in mind its not only about the overall rating, but also about the specific stats of the player. Some of them might haver lower ratings, but will be easier to play with and stronger than their actual rating. Also check out or methods on how to get free coins on the game.

  1. Virgil Van Dijk (FC Liverpool)

For those who want to start a Premier League team should definitely get Van Dijk in their team. He isn’t only fast, but also has great stats on defending and physics. With 1,93m he has the perfect height a defender needs. This makes him not only fast, but also very efficient when it comes to tacklings. He won’t let the strikers run through and has enough agility to outpace even FUT Icons or player like Cristiano Ronaldo.

2. Jerome Boateng (FC Bayern Munich)

Boateng is pretty classy and one of the best german defenders in the game. If you are about to build an Bundesliga team he is a must-have player. Super strong defending stats and decent pace will make him a wall in your defense. 


3. Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid CF)

This is not a surprise. He is not only the best defender in La Liga, but in the whole game. Winning one tackling after another and the best part is he is scoring actual goals after corners. He is a real best when it comes to header. Believe me, you want a player like this in your team. 

4. Bonucci (AC Milan)

For fans of the Serie A you will have the choice between some fantastic defender, but Bonucci is the best choice for you. Great defending stats paired with a fantastic agility and some decent pass stats will make him the one and only defender you need when it comes to an Italian team. His price is cheaper as usual as he is not playing for Juventus Turin and in the Serie A the prices are lower than usual as well. 

rio ferdinand fifa 19

5. Rio Ferdinand (FUT Icon)

You must be extremely lucky or very rich if you want to get Rio Ferdinand, but believe me it is absolutely worth it. Not only as he has awesome stats, but you can also use him as a hybrid connected with up to 5 other players (GK, CD, RB/LB, CM, CDM). Have you ever checked the teams of some top player in the Weekend League? All of them got Rio Ferdinand. It has a reason why they pick him – and its worth it. 

If you have any tricks, tipps or suggestions when it comes to defender or defending on FIFA 19 please make a comment or let us know on Facebook. 

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A great team means a higher chance to win

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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team will start soon…

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